So this year I went to Glastonbury festival. If you don’t know what that is… look it up. It was amaaaaazing–I’d recommend it to anyone. I’m officially hooked on festivals for life! Getting tickets for it was a pain in the butt. I had to sit on the phone for hours, while a friend of mine tried to buy tickets online at the same time. We were trying for hours–the phone always dialed through as engaged, which was totally annoying. But… after a few hours… I finally got through–yay! I spoke to the operator and order four tickets. I paid using m card and that was it–I was on my way.

Before going, we were sure to pack all our equipment, which included a tent, sleeping bags, pillows, extra blankets, clothes (including water proofs–it rains a lot in England), toiletries, toilet paper (very important), and some bottled water and other goodies. I won a big car, thankfully, so getting everyone’s kit was a challenge… but it was totally doable.

I live near London… so the trip took about five hours to get to Somerset. It look us a further two hours to get the car parked and our stuff to the camp site! (There was soooo much traffic on the way down.) It took us another hour to get the tent set up and all our inflatable beds ready. By the time we were done… we were starving! Luckily there are more than 500 food vendors at Glastonbury… so we all found what we wanted to eat… and chowed down. That was the best meal of the weekend by far… we earned it. After food… we all had a brief nap before heading out to see the first music acts. We left the tent at 12pm and I personally didn’t get back until 1am! What a night! Whaaaaat a night! Too many good bands to mention and too many interesting people to talk about on one blog. Did I mention that I drank enough beer to drown a camel? Good times!

More of the same occurred over the following two days… I’m not gonna lie… I don’t remember much. That’s not through a lack of trying… I think I just drank too much–lol. There was one drinks vendor who sold flat apple cider with a double shot of brandy in the bottom. That stuff is lethal… mainly because it tastes so good and goes down so easily.

If you haven’t been then you really are missing out. Keep and eye out for tickets and get involved. Give me a shout if you’re going, it’d be good to know if people are watching my blog or not.